No more public board reports Nominet?

On 30th June 2017 in an email to members Nominet (the .uk registry) announced:

At the May Board meeting we agreed to try a new way of letting members know about the discussions we have in our meetings. From now on, rather than publishing a communiqué we will be providing an update in this newsletter. A summary of the key points of the discussions from the May meeting can be accessed here together with the usual operational statistics we provide.

However this means the Nominet board reports will no longer be available online and wider stakeholders (non-members) will no longer will be able to read them.

You will also note the Company Update is far shorter (no conflict of interests) and not as detailed as previous Board Reports. In fact the Company Update page will ‘update’ every two months and the reports will no longer be archived.

This change follows a failed attempt by the Australian ccTLD registry not to publish board meeting minutes.

Therefore as concerned Nominet members we will now attempt to bring you the saved company updates here!

UPDATE 25/08/2017:

Following member feedback (including The Register article) Nominet have said on the forum:

The updates from the Board and company matters will continue to be issued as part of the Members’ Domain newsletter, but in response to your feedback we are arranging for the update and infographic of the statistics to be added to the website in the same place as other board updates to make it accessible and easier to find.